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Hello, we are Charlotte and Ken – husband and wife team at Yes Bebe. We are so glad you would like to find out more about our small, family run, business. Back in 2016 our lives changed forever with the arrival of our first daughter Sophie. We are sure most of you can resonate with just how LIFE CHANGING becoming a parent is. As a couple we had not bought organic, we recycled, but did little more to support our world.

Becoming a family, caring, and nurturing for a child is such a wonderful gift. As all parents do, we wanted the best for our daughter and to help protect the world she and others were growing up in. What we put in our mouths, clothed our bodies with, played and lived with mattered. From this place of love and care for our daughter and her world grew our little online shop, Yes Bebe. Our family has now expanded to four as we welcomed the arrival of Emma in 2019. Just as our family has grown and we enjoy the pleasures of watching them flourish, so does our shop grow with them.

In the beginning we filled our online little haven with organic clothing and cloth nappies. As our daughter grew, we added sustainable, responsibly sourced wooden toys to our shop. In the early days we introduced the original subscription gifts of beautiful hand-crafted wooden toys from Holztiger, Ostheimer and Lanka Kade which arrived as a surprise parcel of animals each month. Again, as the milestones were explored by Sophie and now Emma we continue to add to our range to give you carefully chosen and tested gems for your family and home. We now have an extensive toy selection, home products and books stocked in the shop as well. We are strong advocates for reducing the need for single use plastics and our range reflects our goal to help other families do this too.

2020 has been such a challenging year for the world. Many families, including our own, have found themselves supporting their children at home with their learning. As a small business we have tried incredibly hard to be as reactive as possible for the families we serve. We have considerably increased our home learning resources and range of books to support families finding their path during these uncertain times. Our monthly Book Club subscription has been immensely popular during this time.

Our hope is that we provide you with carefully selected choices to enhance the life and play of your family. Every family is unique, we love to embrace diversity and let you decide what’s right for you and your loved ones. We hope you adore the choices we offer, we love to hear your feedback, and we’ll always be here to help and give you guidance should you wish it. We have several Facebook Groups set up to support.

We have an incredible team who work with us. All equally passionate about the world we are bringing children into as they learn through play. Let us introduce them to you.

Customer Care Team

Katie and Beth are our dedicated Customer Care Team, nothing is too much trouble for them. Both are working mummies who absolutely want you to have the best experience browsing and shopping with us. If you want to get in contact please email them on Katie is our eco-home champion and lover of everything else Yes Bebe related. She is incredibly knowledgeable about what we stock, and all things Outlander related! Beth is in the know when it comes to clothes and has a weakness for beautiful toys and books. Our mystery boxes are immensely popular, and Beth has a way of knowing just the things to add that you and your children will love.
Nappy Support
Erika Andromeda – is our in-house nappy guru. You will find lots of advice and support in our Facebook Babble Group if you are looking to start with cloth nappies or making a switch. You can also use the nappy form which you can find here.

Warehouse Team

Our warehouse is just down the road from our home. Sarah is our Warehouse Manager; her lovely team include Laura, Amy, Miya and Cait. Sarah loves organisation and anything toy related. Laura is very much into our clothing; you’ll often find her wearing clothes from our adult ranges that we now stock. Miya is a toy fan and Cait just loves anything dinosaur related. Amy loves EVERYTHING, if there is a hidden gem in the warehouse, she will find it and let you know! You can check out what they love in the Facebook Babble group where they use the hashtag #WarehouseDiaries.

Books Team

As a family we have a real soft spot for our growing book range and monthly book subscription. Many books on the site are hand selected by us and thoroughly reviewed by Sophie and Emma! Lisa looks after books – alongside me (Charlotte). She is a total bookworm, a strong believer in the power of books and how books and toys can be used to foster learning through play. To get in touch about books use

Content Creator Team

Diane and Eden produce beautiful content to help give ideas of how to use the products that we sell. Diane particular loves the clothes and toys that we stock, and Eden has a vast selection of toys and a love for an eco-home.

Ethical and Fair Trade

Another point dear to our hearts is the need for Ethical and Fair Trade. We like to have confidence that the products we sell have not been made at the expense of workers in the supply chain and we endeavour to provide products that adhere to this. We believe in better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers throughout the world.