Book Club FAQs
(Please also see below for handy videos!)

  1. How do I subscribe?
    Navigate the site, add all subscriptions you would like to basket, and then check-out! In order to save on postage, you must check them out together.
  2. How much is delivery?
    UK delivery is £2.49. We are still working on delivery outside the UK.
  3. Oh no, I didn’t check them out together!
    Don’t worry, payment isn’t taken until the 5th of the month, so you have time to change.
  4. How do I cancel my subscription?
    Simply go to your subscription account area, find the subscription and click cancel. As long as you do this before the 5th of the month you won’t be charged.
  5. Can I choose more than one option?
    You can have multiple subscriptions or you can change your subscription month-to-month by logging into your subscription account and simply clicking a few buttons!
    Please note the easiest way to change currently is simply cancelling and resubscribing. We are working behind the scenes to reinstate being able to add again.
    If you are a Holztiger collector do not worry about re-entering codes, we keep a record! But please note we will not see if you are changing subscriptions, so it is best to email in if you are putting in new codes during a change.
    If you are a Lanka Kade collector, please contact us before cancelling.
  6. What are the benefits of subscribing?
    Most are discounted products (some significantly!) and the Book Club has an additional benefit of giving 15% off books on our main retail site.
  7. What is Waldorf?
    Steiner-Waldorf is a type of educational concept. We have a range of Waldorf titles currently in stock, you can view them here (diverts back to main retail site)
  8. I don’t like my subscription, can I return it?
    Your statutory rights are covered. You must return your subscription in full and in unused condition. For book clubs, we are unable to provide a book loan service, so please do return it in an unused condition and in a condition you would expect a brand new book to come in. We will consider any returns as a cancellation of service and your subscription will be cancelled. We hope you will understand this.
    We do offer the ability to sell and swap your subscriptions, with trading allowed within the Book Club group and also on our Buy/Sell/Trade site (links to Facebook). You might also consider gifting it on or giving to a school or library.
  9. Where can I find terms of service?
    You can find our full terms of service here (diverts back to main retail site)
  10. I have another question not listed here
    Please contact me (Charlotte) by email books@yesbebe.co.uk
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HOW to” Videos

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