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We all know how important reading with children is for their cognitive and emotional development, vocabulary and language skills and crucially their IMAGINATION! When we enjoy books WITH our children we bond, share experiences and create memories to treasure.

Studies show that the more books children have in the home, the more likely they are to love reading and feel confident. When we as parents and caregivers LOVE the books too it makes the reading of the same beloved books again and again and AGAIN……. not so bad!

We would love to introduce you to and invite you to be a member of Yes Bébé Book Club! Books you AND your children will both enjoy as much as each other while you make those magical memories together.

So What is Yes Bébé Book Club?

  • A new book delivered to your door every month. We seek to provide you with NEW, quality and exciting books. You might also find the odd surprise along with the book too!
  • A Book Club isn’t a Book Club without a good chat! We will have ongoing discussions in an exclusive members only Facebook Group so you can share with other members your thoughts, your children’s joy and all the fun you have had enjoying your new books!
  • For just a small amount a month you can be a member of the best Book Club for children! If the value of the book chose comes up less than this figure (some fantastic books which we love to include in Book Club sometimes do) you will receive Book Credit to spend on other books from Yes Bébé.

Is this Book Club for me?

Early chapter books are that stage between picture books and books without images. They would be very much suited to children who enjoy a longer more in depth story that you can read together, probably from around age 5. The new generation of these books now have coloured images to help bridge that gap between picture books and longer books to help sustain attention and to aid with comprehension of the story. They would also be perfectly suited for those children who are becoming independent readers as books that they can begin to enjoy on their own.

The books are not connected to a set curriculum so ideal for home educators too and are carefully selected to enjoy together. It might even be a way to get your teen chatting with you as you share the same book! In these core categories you can expect to receive a fictional story book. We are introducing additional categories covering other genres, for example educational/non-fiction, learn to read, Waldorf and more….

If you aren’t a book worm yourself or have a reluctant reader then now is your chance to take a fresh look at reading and learn to love books WITH your child. The activities, info and challenges will bring a fun element which bring the books to life.

We will make every effort to make sure all books included are new releases to avoid duplicating any books you already own. We are unable to alter the book should you purchase the book yourself.

Any other benefits of Book Club?

  • A special discount code for use on all books on the website, only for members.
  • Exclusive access to pre-order books that we’ve found and can’t resist making available to you on our quest to find the perfect book each month.
  • The option to ‘bolt on’ books to your subscription at a discounted price.

The cut off for signing up is the 5th of each month, if you sign up after this date you will be added to the next month’s Book Club. Existing members don’t need to do anything at all. All books will be sent on the same date of the month regardless of the date you signed up.

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