Holztiger Beginners Subscription (UK only)

£17.46 on the 5th of each month

Since 2016 we have been providing the original Holztiger subscription. It is our pleasure to bring this amazing collection into your homes. This excludes delivery charges which are added at checkout. Subscriptions can be combined to save shipping costs.

New subscription cut off is 5th of each month. Joining after that will mean you won’t receive until the following month. For example, if you subscribe on 1st August, you will receive your first delivery in August. If you join on 6th August, your first delivery will be in September. Dispatch it typically 7-10 days after the 5th.


First payment: 5th June 2022


Have you started collecting the wonderful handcrafted wooden figures by Holztiger? Playable by all ages, enjoyable by adults as decorations, there is no-one that these aren’t for! And what better way to build your collection than by subscribing monthly to receive a number of figures in the post.

The following terms apply to the subscription:

The box is priced at £17.46 a month. The saving is typically 15-20%.

This service is available on the basis that you are a new collector, and have no other figures. This will continue and we will not be able to offer to take into consideration your additional purchases outside the subscription services. We cannot tailor the subscription beyond your chosen preference categories. The figures already collected through this service will be recorded.

Please be mindful that others may not have received their subscriptions when posting in Yes Bébé Babble for the #weloveyesbebe competition, post your pictures in comments!

Should you change your mind, you have the right to return your box in full for a full refund within 14 days of receipt assuming all figures are in the condition you received them in. For the sake of carbon footprint, we would encourage you to sell your unwanted items in our Buy/Sell/Trade group.